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This is a plug-in for the Gimp to convert xfig format files (fig) into gimp format files (xcf). Copy this script to your plug-in directory. Obviously it requires The Gimp. It also requires the perl plug-in for Gimp, fig2dev, and gs (ghostscript). fig2dev is needed in a version above 3.2.4. This last version still contains a bug when converting colors. You need to change all 256.0 into 255.0 in and all 65536.0 into 65535.0 in "genps.c" and recompile it, if you feel like patching code. The plug-in preserves the layers from xfig. On the other hand, I now use 3.2.3d and that works fine too, so maybe the bug is only present in that version.


This is utility to convert xfig format files (fig) into povray format files (pov). You need perl to run it. The plug-in stacks the layers from xfig in th z-direction. I use it to scan and enhance floorplans that way. There are some caveats: Text items' fonts are ignored. Povray spline aren't regular splines, so xfig splines - that may even be extensions from ordinary splines - are all mapped to cubic_spline. All adornments are ignored (such as arrows, line styles and width, et al.). If you add a comment to an object, it will be declared in povray and not rendered automatically as all uncommented objects.

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