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This is a dead-end page.

You will find practically no links back out into the stunningly unfathomed vastness of the world wide web from here.

For all you net-surfers out there: this is about as close to the shore you can get.


Subjects of Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, and Partial Differential Equations have been my centers of interest. My last work concerned evolution families and perturbation theory. I have left the field of mathematics now. Does anybody want to pay me to come back? :-) My publications can be found in this document.


Roleplaying games are a popular pasttime. Pages on the world wide web are countless and there is no need for yet another one you might think. Nonetheless, I compiled some of my work in this area I deemed worthwile to publish and suitable for this medium.

Computer Programming

Some odds and ends I have put together and that have at least a slim chance that somebody else might find them useful. I have little time to support them, so if someone likes to take over, that's okay. Everything's under the GPL whenever possible.

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