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General Information

Download the framework, plugins and data described below in one haul. Don't forget to read the documentation in the separate sections. Currently this package contains everything. This archive always contains the latest versions of the framework and all plugins. It also has a very short description of the functionality of all contained plugins.

This file includes all code needed to run the UGMT. The zip file shouldn't be that big, but I included a sound-file that increases it's size dramatically. Maybe this should be removed. Following is a short list of the currently available plugins and a short description.


The data zip-files are unpacked in the same directory as the plugins are. The paths the data uses is included in each. Some data plugins install their data in several directories. (To deinstall a data package separately, you would need to remove all files of the zip-file by hand.) The packages contain seperate copyright statements and are not covered by the software license above. These sections would not be possible without the many contributors, for whose permission to host the conversions to the UGMT I am very grateful. The list has gotten too long to mention each separately. You can inspect them by looking at the individual Copyright files. Much data can be obtained in other form from and from other sites and this.


In case your hardware has restrictions or you want to speed up the tool and like to leave off a few plugins, here is a list of which plugin require another. You can then decide what you really need to install. (Deinstalling is as simple as removing the directory of the plugin altogether.) The optional column gives plugins which enhance the capabilities, e.g. the sound plugin cannot key sounds to weather effects, if the weather plugin doesn't provide them.

Plugin Requires Optional
Calendar Groups Encounter
Character Calendar Equipment, Sketch, Magic
Combat --- Character, Equipment
Encounter Calendar, Groups Index, Sketch
Equipment --- Groups, Character
Export --- Index, Maps, Character, Sketch
Groups Calendar  
Index --- Maps
Log Calendar Travel, Index, Weather
Magic --- Character
Maps Groups Index
Sketch ---  
Skills --- Character
Sound --- Calendar, Weather, Index, Groups
Travel Maps, Calendar, Groups Weather
Visual Maps Combat
Weather Groups, Calendar  

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