Aad, Blue Meridian, and White Dawn

The stories presented here are the results of three campaigns I was part of. Active as GM and player you get the story from a very mixed perspective. Included is miscellaneous information which clarifies the background.


The story behind this document was an experiment I made with Usenet participants. Several key NPCs were handled by readers of the Usenet news group, off-line to the campaign. I have summed up the story that developed during that period and added some background concerning the campaign. Included in the (german) summary are a few comments with respect to dealing with NPCs over the net.

The Pyramid

The story behind the characters found in this section is a campaign I wanted to launch that was to be similiar in style as the NSC-project above but without the high NPC interaction. A wilderness, level-less Rolemaster campaign, for short. It did not turn out to be as vivid, but it had its moments. No campaign-log was made.

Hârn Material

This page will lead to some material I have developed for use with the Hârnworld© environment. I can only recommend this medieval world with some magic intertwined for its believability. I know of no other Fantasy RPG world that is as consistent as Hârn is. My material tries to keep that standard, but at times differences with official material (need to) occur. Be generous. The documents presented are english.

Computer Tools

This page will give you a small collection of some tools I wrote for use in my RPG environments. I generally use Linux as an OS, but the tools are platform independent. I hope. If you have problems using these tools, let me know, I will try to fix them. Please don't ask me for new features.


UGMT has moved to Pete Keller's Github. The following is historical.

The UGMT is a special tool for aid with RPGs. The Universal Gamemaster aid is designed to allow addition of almost all features you can imagine and use during a gaming session. It is an ongoing working, which is why it is seperated from the others. Volunteers are always welcome, since the scope is obviously daunting.


Most of these german articles I have published in fanzines. They are mostly odds-and-ends that do not fit any other category. They are general(ly) discussion material for roleplaying. Republication is possible if get you in contact with me.

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