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Hârnic Povray

Map generator example

Technically, this section doesn't belong here. On the other hand, it's the best place I could find. This map is a sample output from the Map generator. Some further examples of what you can do with the POV output are a birdseye view (1152x864, 330kb) and a perspective view (1152x864, 285kb). (The perspective view shows some "under the hood" features at the side. I didn't remedy that, because I was lazy.) Of course, while you get the POV and the "flat" PNG from this server, the "3D" PNGs must be created by you. This and the movie (320x240, 38s, 1601kb) in AVI format. Don't judge me on the artistic quality of this movie. It feels more like a roller-coaster-ride through a holiday ressort on the moon than anything else. But I know you people like movies... Relatively new is the following example of a DELUX image, which you get by setting the DELUX variable in the output and also carefully reducing your scene to the necessary objects. Excess objects can sky-rocket your rendering times. In fact, my machine hangs with 512kb RAM and 1.4GHz when I do this.


The scene above contains the model for a Talbar, a river vessel. The file contains mostly german naval terms, as I am not firm enough in the english and a mixture I didn't want. To give you a picture of what can be done with it, you can download a Still image (1024x768, 366kb) or an Animation. A Talbar (320x240, 14s, 2086kb), sailing down a stream. The scenery is not included in the file above, it's a rather straight-forward and I didn't put too much effort in it. Some artifacts remain and details may be found missing, but performance must be kept in mind. Maybe you only need this as a backdrop and time is a valuable resource with raytracing.


The model of a Pinda, a small, general purpose vessel. Some representations of the boat come along, you can download a Still image (1024x768, 358kb) or see a Animation (320x240, 7s, 1043kb), where a Pinda is hauling on the ocean.. (For more general remarks see the section above.) This is my second model.


The Nivik is a popular merchant ship in western Lythia. Here you have a clear view (1024x768, 456kb) of it. The image shows more realistic reflections - the others don't, simply because I want the image to illustrate the model and not be an introduction into what povray can do. On the contrary, my conscious restraint is supposed to keep you from believing that povray's powers end, where my meager abilities with this raytracer do. The movie (320x240, 7s, 1043kb) shows the ship riding the waves as a storm is coming up, a bit more lively then the others, too. You should play it at 2-3 x speed and you may cycle it.


The pride of Ivinia, fear of other nations: the dragon. Harnic waters bear some of them. Take a look at a longship as it pierces a fog (1024x768, 120kb). This image has more atmosphere than the previous. The movie (320x240, 23s, 3283kb) shows a nightly travel on a windless ocean. Only two torches lighten the lifes of the invisible seamen as they row to a destination unknown. As you can see, I've been playing with fire. MPEG compression badly reduced the starlit sky. You may want to increase brightness by 20%. Please note that a sane seaman would never tolerate open fire on board. Not only is it dangerous, it also hinders navigation. The fire only adds to the eery feeling of the unmanned ships.


A merchant ship with growing popularity on Harnic waters. As above, there is a still image, this time with the sun peeking through some clouds (1024x768, 910kb). The movie (480x360, 18s, 1870kb) displays a birds-eye course about the ship as it is stranded on a barren beach. Watch the sail flutter and the sheets move along. The model renders about as fast as previous, even though it has much more intricate features. (But it misses the "clinker hull" feature.) With respect to the original, I have increased the strength of the forecastle considerably and merged it more with the boat. Otherwise the construction seemed too fragile.

I also include a anaglyph (stereogram) of the Dak (512x384, 257kb). Raytracing is just perfect for true 3D images. It takes some fudging however and there are some (non-)effects I don't quite understand yet. I hope you enjoy this study of what is a new imaging technique for me. In order to view this image you need special glasses, one side filters red light, the other green/blue. They are easy to come by (every other book on optical illusions has them) and the images are easier to view than those employing strange "stares".


This coin requires the images for the Frontside and Backside of the coin. The coin stems from Tashal and you can see it in a short animation (320x240, 5s, 741kb) being flipped. It is possible to seamlessly loop this movie.

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