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Venarive Weather

Weather according to Venârivè as published by Keléstia Productions Ltd. You can save the page and modify the climate and season in the first few lines. Every reload will trigger a new random set for 30 days. It is purely client-based, no server interaction is needed (as the old generators do). Not all tables have been implemented yet.

Established Locations

This page contains a map that shows an overview of locations that are available as "canon and fanon". This is work in progress and if you think something should be added, drop me a line. Best the line would look like "x,y text", where x,y are the coordinates on the image and text is information on that location. To get good coordinates, download the image and use any imaging tool of your choice to determine exact positions on the map.

Online generators

I wrote a couple of on-line and off-line tools as aids for Hârn campaigns. Although some tools can be used in a more general setting, their original purpose shines through. The on-line set is a subset of the off-line set, the latter is viewed on a separate page.


A compilation of the sites I developed for use in my campaigns. All contain PDF, some also separate JPEGs as maps. Some adventure suggestions are included. All are located either in Azadmere or Orbaal.

Orbaal Population

I have generated some hamlets' names and calculated population charts for Orbaalese domains. In particular, I restructured the Geldeheim domain, which had two conflicting distributions in official material. The charts include names of the places, acreage, Land quality, and the number of Jarin and Ivinian households. The tables combined in PDF format. Individual places/domains are also available: Antir, Asax, Ebein, Fjaga, Geldeheim, Gwaeryn, Marby, Mul, Leriel, Lorkin, Pethwys, Sherwyn, Shese, Shien, Thursa, Zuden, Zynholm


I also did some maps of Orbaalese domains on the same scale as domain maps generally are given. They are in GIF format generated from FIG files. On request I can provide the latter. Note also that files are rather high resolution, but are made to fit the page. If you resize your browser, the pictures will be resized as well.

Jarinese Resistance

Some extensive notes on the Jarins in Orbaal in PDF format are available. They mainly describe factions, their relations and give some details on the situation of the opposition against the Ivinian rulers. It also sketches the situation before the Ivinian invasion


Small adventures I wrote for use at conventions. Most are double features for use with two groups. You need to be able to read german for these (don't be deceived by the titles and abstracts). All are PDF format and have all been played at conventions.


Four tables, which provide useful statistical information on Hârnmaster rules. They show several healing expectations and skill development over time. (They do not concern Hârnworld.)

LaTeX style

This file provides some layout similar to the ones used by Columbia Games in their publications. It honours the two-column and two-side options. You also have a "classic" option, if you prefer the original look. You can also modify paper size and the like. Since it relies on the default layout, sometimes it may look awkward. Adjust the usual candidates (e.g. \textwidth) to suit your needs. I mostly use the "newcent" package as well to have a similar font.


The Persistence of Vision team has a great tool I played around with. The results can be found under this heading. Output samples to enjoy can be found as well as scene-files to work with. Ships only.


I use the GIMP to create local and interior map. It is a much cheaper (i.e. free) alternative to Photoshop. You will find a tutorial on how to create Harn-style maps here. (Note: this is more like Columbia Games style than Kelestia style.)


The PDF you find here provides cardboard coins to be used during gaming sessions. They are designed for simplicity (and to be cheap to make). Print them on cardboard and cut them out. I found a stamp at a hardware store that cuts out 2cm diameter circles perfectly and useit instead of sissors. They do not simulate the Hârnic coins through actual weight, size, or look. For some they may be too flashy, but I consider them handy. The higher denominations are not meant to imply that they exist as actual coins - they are created for ease of use.

Harn graph (Applet)     Harn graph (SVG)

These links will show you a graph of Harn site material that is available officially and on fan sites. If I miss something let me know. There are two versions, one uses SVG, which is natively supported by most browsers these days. There is a plugin available for one the obvious exception. The other provides a (java) applet. Less fancy but should wok just as well; it provides a technology study for me.

Any Rights I hold to the material linked from this page are licensed under the BY-NC-SA Creative Commons license. The rights of third parties to this material need not be licensed like this. (Also see below.)


Hârnworld and Hârnmaster are copyright by N. Robin Crossby. and Columbia Games.
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