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As you will see, there are many things you can do with the UGMT. The existing plugins manage several groups location in time and space and allow accurate travel and weather scenarios. You may also create and modify characters. On the down side, there are very few maps available, so travel is restricted to those maps provided for free with this tool or those you create yourself. I am in contact with the copyright holders to remedy this situation. I have used the precursor to this software quite extensively to cover lengthy travel throughout Hârn, the prospects for this tool may not be bleak. If you like to prepare your own material in the meantime, read the Technical details. But be warned that the documentation for such power-users is highly condensed and not as thorough as this tutorial. If you like help, mail me at the address below.

I hope you enjoy taking a tour through the UGMT with the available plugins and its data. I wish there was more data available to turn the tool to a more productive, general use. I know it is not difficult to do. Particularly the Index would greatly profit if more data would be available as Hypertext.

You should definetely consider opening the UGMT with the right plugin when you take the tour or refer to the correct screenshots on this site. The tutorials assume you have the proper images before you. Moreover, the tutorials are arranged in order; later sections sometimes refer to earlier ones.

As always, please tell me, when you find anything missing or wrong. I will try and fix things as quickly as possible.

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