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Using the Index

The Graewirs will soon reach Thoen, a town to the east of Sherwyn. As a GM you need to prepare the adventure and also like to have the information available at your fingertips during a session. Luckily, Thoen is fully prepared for that. Choose the Index tab rider. The upper left will show you the Comunity index and if you select it, below will appear The Thoen (sub-)index a tree view. If you unfold it all entries of this index will be shown. You can enlarge the box by pressing the border between it in the tree view and moving it upward. Press any entry in the index and an HTML-page will appear in the right panel. You can click any link that appears there or choose another entry until you've had enough. Use the Back and Forward buttons as in an ordinary web browser.

Now say, you are interested in "Alf of Thoen". He's your kind of NPC. Where does he live? Make the famous popup appear while hovering over that entry. Select "Locate". As by magic, the Maps plugin is raised and shows the location of Alf in the center of the visible part of the (only) Thoen map. Depending on your screen and window size the location may or may not be obscured a bit by other entries. But it should appear as close to the center as possible. Things work in reverse as well. By right clicking on a circle that represents an index (try Alf's circle here) will take you back to the Index and "Alf" own entry.

The map plugin can also hide roads and names for you, assuming the maps provide that information - the examples we discuss here do. Disabling a layer will hide the feature. In general, Layer1 are roads/towns and Layer2 are the names. Some maps may work different, e.g. Interior maps.

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