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Editing Data

Start the UGMT through UGMTEdit.bat or This passes the option -edit to the tool. Only those plugins supporting editing appear.

If you plan to add a map, use the context menu in the appropriate directy in the map-plugin tree view. A questionaire will pop up. All map files need to be inside the map-plugin directory. You can add as much information as you have. Some maps will not have layers, some will. By pressing the buttons, a file selection dialog will guide you. After you added everything, press okay. Of course, creating a map in the first place must be done with other tools. If you click cancel or click okay without having specified the mandatory attributes (image and scale) no map will be added.

All index entries can be edited in obvious ways. Any changes to the names or structure of indices take effect immediately. Changes to entries (except names) have to be confirmed or they are lost. If you write larger tracts of texts, possibly with imbedded images and tables, you cannot do so with the editor the UGMT calls its own. Use the editor of your choice and import these HTML-files.

You can also create, modify, and delete map links. These are the references to index entries on a map. Say you wrote a text on "Smallville" and want to link this text to a location on a map called "Bigmap". First create a map link through the popup. Then select it. Go to the map plugin and select the map "Bigmap" from your selection of maps. Now choose the geometry of your link (circle, rectangle, polygon). Left-clicking on the map starts your circle (rectangle, ...) and right-clicking ends it. During creation of polygons, repeated left-clicks extend the polygon. Once you are satisfied, press Change Location and this will be your new location. You can have several locations that link you to the same index. Later, when "campaigning", you can right-click on any such location and the corresponding index entry will pop up. Note: if you put several locations on top of each other, which one is chosen is rather arbitrary.

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