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Combat data

When you select the combat plugin you will see a folder on the left. If you click on it it, you will see all available combatants. So how do you get one your own, personal combatant here? There are two ways. First, do a right click and a popup menu will appear. Choose the "Add combatant" menu item. This will add a combatant, of which you should edit the name as soon as possible. Because if you add another combatant, he will get the same name and that will surely lead to a mix-up. The second way is to go to the char-plugin and do a right click; a popup menu will appear there, allowing you to make a character a combatant. If you do so, it will appear in the combat-plugin list (to which you need to return).

The next thing is armour. Again, there are two ways to armour. The first is to add it just as a combatant. A line will appear in the box below the combatants list, which contains several editable fields. You can now change quality, name and material of an item. In the end you can decide that the combatant actually wears the item, by checking the whole line. If you have entered a piece of armour that is recognized (per the rules), the right matrix will adjust automatically. It shows all locations and its protective values. If you are totally frustrated with a piece of armour, it can be removed permanently, by holding down the shift-key, while unchecking/unwearing this particular piece. What about the second way? Any character you have made a combatants may have equipment already. All equipment that looks like armour is turned into an "official" piece of armour. Even special protective values, e.g. magic items, that are specified in the equipment lists are used correctly. (You can see some examples from FF&F characters, cf. the download section.)

The plugin allows to create a combat character sheet just as the character plugin allows creation of the main character sheet. It is exported by the export-plugin in the same way. (See char- and export-plugins.)

The plugin has a state file, where you save all your editing. If you downloaded the state files from the download page, the state file for the combat plugin contains a set of default combatants, which encompass what you will generally encounter in the Hârn setting. This implies that the corresponding rules are also there. All the necessary values are specified in easily understood XML-files, so you can change them in any text editor just as easily. However, if you use the state file as it comes from the download section, be warned. It will overwrite anything you have edited so far and it comes in a set of state files for other plugins which also may overwrite the corersponding states.

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