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This plugin allows you to roll skills, save and edit them. On the left side you can add, remove and edit skills groups as you like. As an example there is a group "Famous Physicians". Also, the characters from the group-plugin will appear (see below), but you do not need to group skills by characters. After having selected a skill-group, you can now add skills and modify them. Again, a few examples are provided. Assume skill name and ML as well as the dice are two your liking. (Note: you can't put 2d6+2 here, modifiers must go in the separate boxes.)

Take for instance the physicians' skill. For wounds, the rules HM rules state that you add half of your skill to 50, against which you need to roll. This is achieved by the adjustments/modfiers you see in the second row. Let's roll. The fields to the right of the button will fill with EML, the rolled number and the success level.

Do the same for foraging, which you can find under another example heading. You will see to the right a selection box which lets you choose between the five categories of foraging environment. Several skills ar available, which use a similiar distinction (e.g. Throwing). Any formulas (including dice rolling) available are evaluated if all used numbers are available. You can check Throwing with "Ęgald".

The character plugin will export it's characters to this plugin and you will see all character skills here as well. Note: if you change a character's name, this is in effect the creation of a new character and the deletion of the old. The skill plugin will not forget the old immediately. You need to remove them here separately. You may also note the difference between imported skills and those genuinely added here: you can edit ML and name of the skill for the latter.

You can hide whole skill groups and individual skills from the set you are using. There are two sets of groups and two sets of skills within each group. By using the popup menu you can move a skill or group into a (currently) invisible set. You can toggle skills or group sets with the push-buttons available. Try it out, it is easy.

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