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Create a group

A panel with several tab-riders is the basis for all, it's called a tabbed pane. Select the one called "Groups". We will create our first adventuring group. You will find some samples here, when the tool is first installed, but your players may not like going on adventure with Ęgald. Leave the groups for later reference, or delete them when you are familiar with the working of this plugin. For now assume your group should consist of "Aegald", "Borthin", and "Crishan". The first two of these characters have horses, but poor Crishan has to walk.

Press the button Create group. A new group will appear in the left tree with the ingenious name "New Group". Click on it and the row will become editable. Our group shall be called "Graewir", because all three stem from the clan of that name. After having given the group this more appealing name, we click the "Char" tab and select "Ęgald". Press "Add to active" from the popup menu that you can cause to appear here. The character is now present under the heading Members in the group-plugin. Go and take a look. You can procedd similarly with Crishan. (You have to create a character, but there is no need to develop him.) Create and move a fourth character Deghard into this group in the same way.

Wait a moment. You added "Deghard"? He's not in this group at all, you made a mistake! Make a popup appear over "Degard" in the members section of the group-plugin (NOT in the char-plugin)! Deghard is gone from the list, when you press "Delete". Now we select the travel modes foot and horse in the middle column (foot is always pre-selected by courtesy of the UGMT). The right column does not interest us for now. We now select a group speed -- "3.5" is a good choice (The unit is km/h or leagues/watch). We are almost done. But before we turn this group active, we need to choose a location for it. (We will do this later.)

A short note on the equipment plugin. When you select it, all your characters will appear there and you can drag-and-drop equipment pieces from the left list on your characters. If you need something not on the list, drop anything here and edit the name. Some things are "special" in that they are containers, such as a backpack. It can hold other equipment. Drop here just as on characters. You can move containers and their contents between characters. (Can you spell "steal"?)

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