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Now let's see the weather plugin. We find a semi-transparent thick line at the beginning of the day. This is the exact time the group is in: the middle of the night. Since we have late Spring now, it will take about 4 hours until dawn. In fact, the third button from below shows the time the sun rises above or falls below the horizon, whichever happens first, here 4:10. Our group will get up early, so press this button. The cursor moves to the new time. The weather is self-explaining and conforms to Hârnmaster rules. Since it is also random, I will assume a few things, which are possibly not right in your case. We simply can't predict the weather.

We have already encountered the first, the third, and fourth information lines on the left. The next two lines show the current mud-level and snow level. We see/imagine that both levels show a "(0)" after their respective names. Since we are nasty GMs, we like to have our group walk in mud. Since we can see the weather from the last days, there is no use pretending, we just want it to happen. We are nasty GMs. Press the mud button a couple of times and the level increases. And increases. And... wait. We now have "(10)" showing there, we're not that nasty. Press shift and the mud button at the same time and turn the mud-level back down to, say "(4)". Four is the magic number were mud condition sets in, but more on that later.

Before the groups sets out on their way to Sherwyn, where the moot takes place, they have to get up, have some breakfast, etc. The GM decides that this takes 25 minutes. Since we want to do this the hard way, we will not wish this time away as irrelevant. Press the right mouse-button and select "0:15". Then press the button. Now, right mouse-button once more and select "0:05". Press the button twice and a total of 25 minutes has elapsed where absolutely nothing has happened. The players are starting to get restless.

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