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Look at the left side view of this plugin. You can expand the tree inside just as any tree is expanded. It groups all invocations (clerical spells) and all magical spells. They are further classified by circle/level. On the right side all characters are shown that possess spells. Usually they are obtained automatically from the character plugin.

Now choose a spell on the left side and then drag it over onto one of the characters, say Ęgald. Nothing seems to have happened! Actually, Ęgald has now obtained a new spell. Expand the "Ęgald"-branch and you will see it. If you now add a new spell in the same manner, it is immediately shown. You may want to adjust the default ML.

There is another way to get spells to characters. You can develop a character as a Priest or Mage. Just click on the develop button, you will be loosely guided through te process, similarly to the character plugin. (Of course, there is a third way: after saving your changes, a character will have the spells in the future, when you start the plugin, automatically.)

The toggle button will allow you to see the spell description for the spell that is currently selected on the left side. Not all spells need to have descriptions, and the current available package does contain spells which are copyrighted for which a permission to publish hasn't been sought yet. But the contributed spells have their description. If you choose such a spell, a description will appear, when you toggle the button. Once you toggled the button, you can change spell descriptions by selecting another spell.

A spell that is available to a character can be "calculated" for him. Spells usually have casting time and other quantities that depend on the character's proficiency. A pop-up menu allows to choose the character for which these quantities should be calculated. (A standard field allows a reset and only those characters appear that actually know the spell/invocation.)

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